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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the attack. >> we are strong. we are a family. jonathan: that is the director of the san bernardino department of public health. she said county workers are emotional tonight. >> we held each other and protected each other through the horrific event.nathan: trying to resume a normal work day after the horror that the colleagues suffered. they revealed information about the shooters. >> both suspects were radicalized. >> among the survivors the 6-month-old daughter of the shooting suspect syed farook and tashfeen malik. farook's sister here leaving court is trying to get custody. >> i want her to enjoy the innocence. we don't want her to know. >> u.s. agents around the world are trying to track the background and the contacts of the killer. >> farook. >> is not available. jonathan: his voice heard in the recorded message. the pair seen in the new photo
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obtained by abc news arriving for the first time in the u.s. as a newly married couple in july of 2014. the investigation over the weekend at the home of enrique marquez who lived next door of farook as they grew up. >> they were close friends. if anybody in this neighborhood he was the closest to him. jonathan: in 2011 and 2012 marquez bought the two high-powered assault rifles that somehow ended up in the hands of the shooters used in the attacks. those rifles in california have been outlawed so they want to know how he got them and how farook got them. we learned that marquez was question today by the f.b.i. he was unavailable over the weekend being evaluated for unspecified healthcare issue. maureen: thank you, jonathan. president obama said in the address last night if you see something, say something. now signs with the advice are appearing on the highways. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live with the story. brad: you know we have seen
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them before in the wake of 9/11. but as soon as word came that what happened in california was active terror and those responsible were not on anybody's watch list, the decision was made here in maryland. to get the message out once again. as soon as the highway message boards lit up friday afternoon. concern citizens began to answer the question. >> they will call and say something is sout of place in the neighborhood. they are seeing somebody that perhaps doesn't belong. neighbor may be doing something. they just don't understand. >> the f.b.i. maryland special agent in charge kevin perkins says that is exactly what he wants. the calls are answered at the maryland coordination and the anancys center -- sister. they take the tip at a secret location outside of baltimore. >> when a call comes in it is handled right away. the maryland police superintendent stresses no tip will be ignored.
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>> we may send a patrol car by. there is nothing going on. no decision how long it will stay up. they tell us that he is not aware of any immediate threat in our area. maureen: join us security and freedom. the new normal starts at 7:00 on the sister station newschannel8. the supreme court today rejected another appeal of a city ban of assault weapons. the justice refuse to hear a case objecting to chicago 2013 ban on semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazine. the court decided to uphold a
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lower court ruling. the release of the dash cam video showing an office shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times sparked protest and the firing of the police superintendent. the investigation will focus on the use of force and the disciplinary procedures and is similar to one underway in baltimore. we will seek to work with the local officials, residents and the law enforcement officers alike to ensure that the people of chicago have the world class police department that they deserve. >> charges were filed in death of mcdonald but they will not be filed in death of another man. ronald johnson was holding a gun as he ran away from officers last year.
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the trial resumed today for a baltimore city police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. the medical examiner was peppered with questions about whether gray's death was a homicide or accident. reporter: defense attorney pressed medical examiner dr. carol allen and tried to call in doubt her findings calling them speculative, rush and sloppy. >> they don't have any evidence. >> the death grilled her on her determination gray's death was a homicide. she said that she had the authority to rule it as a homicide despite guideline from the national accreditation board. >> that is what the defense will argue. if you don't know as the medical examiner based on your personal knowledge of the fact house do you expect the jury to make the determination? >> at issue according to the
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defense is the officer porter's role relaying the information to the colleagues. according to his statement he told officer and a supervisor at two stops freddie gray needed medical attention. >> it is demonstrating that the officer porter's during officer porter is shifting blame to officer goodson. >> a former nurse in the courtroom today said it was too late. >> it seemed to me that it was evidence he needed the help dragging him toward the van. >> the defense asks and they concluded had gray received prompt medical attention the death would not have been ruled a homicide. today may have been a wash says legal observers. >> at the end of the day it can't be a wash. the state has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. prosecutors have and will argue if porter inaction led
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to freddie gray's death. maureen: up next, case closed. the infamous twerking case. >> we have the redskins fans here. they are excited about the game with dallas tonight. we'll be live among them in a moment. >> another day with the above average temperatures and it will only get warker moving through the rest of
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maureen: one person is dead and two hurt in a house fire in emmitsburg maryland. heavy smoke came from the building when crews arrived this morning. one of the injured taken by the state helicopter to national fire academy. investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. >> tonight the officers know that still in critical condition after being hit by a suspected drunk driver thursday night. liotta was in the middle of a traffic stop when they say he was hit. blood tests are pending to
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determine whether the driver was under the influence. a health expert has been appointed to evaluate the killing of college student in virginia. jesse matthew junior will be evaluated before the murder of the u.v.a. student hannah graham. excuse me. matthew could get the death penalty if convicted the woman convicted of the misdemeanor sexual abuse in connection with the twerking incident sout of jail tonight. 22-year-old knight pleaded guilty. she says she did not realize the pain she inflict opt the victim. she served 30 days six month pros base and is going to california to live with her mother. too little for the victim.
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>> they are just putting her back on the street. maureen: knight was one of two women wanted in that assault. the other suspect yet to be found. ahead at 6:00 football matchup with first place on the line for washington. how fans are getting ready for the big game. >> they are getting better for the biggest rival in sports. hear the
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welcome back live in landover, maryland in the parking lot of fedex field. this is duane. he raps about the redskins. take it away. >> ♪ d.c., we'll play it
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right man ♪ ♪ tailgate out here. we got big. we are in d.c. ♪ thomas: all right. welcome to d.c. i'm talking to the folks in the parking lot who tell me this is as excited as they have been about the game since robert griffin's rookie year four years ago. if the redskins win tonight they are all alone in first place. if they lose the n.f.c. east becomes a mess. they are excited. we are still a couple of hours out from gametime but we have the enthusiasm. this crowd is d.c. born and raised or maryland born and raised and they are thrilled to be here. reporting live outside fedex field, tom roussey, abc7 news. maureen: tailgate at fedex field. we go to meteorologist doug hill. good evening. doug: hi there, maureen. the last time i was on the air
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reporting i was here by myself. not so much anymore. the party is underway. give you a look at the crowd. you can see the christmas music, the holiday music underway. what will happen in 150 minutes, the big guy in -- 150 minutes the big guy in a red suit is going to be here and light up the lights on the campbell avenue in shirlington. the party will continue. they are calling this "shirley lights up the village." look at the weather for the next seven days. steve rudin, what are you looking at? steve: it looks nice. the daytime high the middle of december almost and we hit 60 degrees at reagan national airport. the average is 49. the record is not closed to
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that. a few clouds here and there. the temperatures are 46 in manassas. 47 in culpeper. 50 in winchester and cumberland. there is nothing super cold. that is a good indication for us when the highs will be in the 60's. mostly to partly clouds. if you are headed to the big game. great weather for the evening. it will start off in the lower 50's. moving through the game and halftime the third and the fourth quarter we will look for temperatures around 41 to 5.
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the future cast. we warm up in the mid-afternoon hours. the temperatures will tummal quickly thanks to the high pressure overhead. clouds increase on wednesday. overall, nice day. 50 degrees btime. 4:00 56 the is the average high for this tame of year is 49. take you out with great news. if you like it mild. the upper ''s thursday. the next best chance for showers is monday next week.
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maureen: thank you steve. this does not feel like football weather but it is football weather at fedex field. a big game. erin hawksworth is out there. tell us how things are going. erin: that is right. a little warm for december. isn't it? take a look at the field. one of the star players dez bryant is out there. the redskins will try to stop him. we will have a full report in sports.
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erin: i'm erin hawksworth live at fedex field. cowboys-redskins monday night football and it doesn't get much better than this and it's probably not a surprise that dez bryant was one of the first players on the field today. the redskins will try to stop him. the last time fedex field hosted a night game of this significance was also against the cowboys in 2012 when the redskins want to secure a playoff berth. the players realize what the stakes are tonight. they are not as high but they are not overlooking the 3-8 cowboys. the cowboys have yet to win a game without buddy tony romo. it's matt cassell in his place. >> they are in the thick of things. >> the skins defense did their job last week over the giants.
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blackman came up with an interception and can't wait to handle dez bryant. >> he is one of the best in my opinion. line up against him all game is cool. erin: on the offensive side of the ball, running back chris thompson is ready for the bright lights. >> if you can't get ready for this game you don't need to be playing ball. we are the only game on tv. serve watch -- everybody is watching. why not give them a show? especially are you going to give them a show? >> try my best. erin: this is pearl harbor day so world war ii veterans blew in from texas and they will be honored at the game tonight but they were part of a pearl harbor ceremony at the world war ii memorial. redskins president bruce allen was at the ceremony. we spoke with him about the veterans and the profound sacrifice. >> this is inspirational. a chill runs down your back
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when you meet them. they have a positive attitude. forward looking thought process. it is inspirational. erin: tonight's game is a chance for the redskins to show consistency. they haven't won back-to-back games this season. that is something they will be aiming to do. look at the field and you can see the redskins players warming up. dez bryant is still out there. that will be a big weapon they will try to contain. back to you. >> erin, thank you so much. speaking of the weather it is nice. >> the temperatures will be in the 50's, falling through the 40's under the partly cloudy skies. the wind won't be a problem. absolutely gorgeous. morning we will see the temperatures in the idal 30's. rebounding nicely for the noontime hour where the
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temperature will be around 50 degrees or so. lunchtime in the afternoon hours. this the seventh day of december and we are in the upper 50's. friday the lower 60's. on saturday and sunday for the outside festivities, it looks fantastic. 63 to 65 degrees. next best chance for us in terms of showers will come monday of next week with the temperatures in the upper 50's. nighttime low from the 30 to the 50-degree range. overall, not a bad forecast. check it out 24 hours a day. maureen: thank you steve. "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. here is a live look at fedex
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breaking right now. donald trump calling for a ban on all muslims coming to america. the leading republican presidential candidate and his unprecedented call. to block all muslims from entering the u.s. tourists anyone muslim. his republican opponents pouncing. the white house now responding at this hour. also breaking abc news the first to obtain this image of the killers arriving in the u.s. for the first time together. and the fbi tonight revealing what they were doing just days before the massacre. america on edge. the frightening moment inside the mall. the shattering glass. shoppers running for cover. the breaking inging headline from chicago. another video kept from the public eye. and late today, they revealed this officer will not be charged. and the christmas scheme. stealing the package sitting on your


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